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Limosine Service


The Mill Pond Steakhouse owns two black, 8-passenger Cadillac limousines that are available for both our diners and outside parties.  The charge for our diners depends on the distance from the restaurant to the intial pickup.  The charges are as follows:

0-9 miles away $200.00
10-19 miles away $225.00
20-29 miles away $250.00
30-39 miles away $275.00
40-49 miles away $300.00
50-59 miles away $325.00

This charge covers the ride to the restaurant and the ride home.  The party utilizing the limousine has the option of providing gratuity to the driver themselves or it can be added to the restaurant bill.  A satisfactory base gratuity is 20% of the charge of the limousine.

If the limousine is requested for an outside party, the charges will differ.  The charges are as follows:

Sunday-Thursday $100.00/hour plus 20% gratuity
Friday & Saturday $125.00/hour plus 20% gratuity

* Note:  Theres is a minimum usage duration of 2 hours for Friday and Saturday.

Please understand that our limousines are on a first come, first serve basis.  Advance notice is highly recommended.  Please call our restaurant at (803) 425-8825 to make reservations.



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